Should you Replace or Resurface Concrete?

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If you have concrete installed in your lawn or driveway for some time now, then your concrete may not look as dashing as it has once been. It’s out of the question that you have to restore it. But how would you do that? You actually have different options when it comes to restoring the look of concrete. But the two most common ones are resurfacing it or having it replaced.

Resurface Concrete

The Best Time for Concrete Replacement

There are times that the concrete gets too damaged that it can’t be resurfaced anymore. When resurfacing, concrete should be poured over a sub-base that has been properly prepared or else it can get cracked. But first, the amount and type of crack has to be reparable. Otherwise, you’re left with no choice but to replace it.

Cracks that go in different directions may not be repairable. If the cracks appear to be at different levels, it can’t be resurfaced either. Concrete surfaces are best repaired by a specialist, as they are the ones trained to handle the situation.

The Best Time for Concrete Resurfacing

As a rule of thumb, concrete can be resurfaced if the sub-base is still in good condition. Safely resurfacing concrete can actually produce lasting results. Concrete resurfacing professionals will be able to tell you if your concrete can be resurfaced. The process of resurfacing or repairing concrete starts with preparation.

After the concrete will be prepared for surface coating, a variety of techniques will be applied to restore it. You’re actually at the liberty to choose from some of them. You may choose to add to concrete aggregates, pebbles, stain, and acid dyes. There are also special processes that can be followed, such as stenciling and stamping.

How Much Does it Cost to Resurface Concrete?

There are many things that affect the cost of concrete resurfacing. The usual factors include the total area of the concrete that has to be resurfaced, the techniques used to do the repair, and the slope of the surface.

To have a very good idea as to how much the entire project would cost you, it is best that you consult with a professional. They should be able to give you a good estimate of your project. You are encouraged to request a quote from at least three different service providers so you’ll have a good basis for comparison.

Why Hire Professionals?

Installing concrete is a job for professionals. For one, the professionals would know if the concrete can still be resurfaced or if it has to be replaced entirely. They will inspect the area and do some tests to give you good advice that will in turn, lead you to the right decision.

While you may think that you can repair concrete cracks yourself, there’s a limit as to what the kits at hardware stores can do. Intensive cracking can only be restored by resurfacing, which also allows you to add a little touch of design to the surface. These, and a lot of other things, are services that only professional Austin concrete contractors can provide. Set up a meeting with them today.

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